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The Supported Care option is best suited for individuals needing a higher level of…

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Whatever care option your loved one may need; the main goal remains the same. You wish for your loved one to have a life filled with joy, respect, dignity, and happiness while also being as independent and fulfilling as possible. The supported care option is best suited for individuals needing a higher level of supervision because of challenges like behavioral issues, safety risks, or health-related ailments.


The Family Model Residential Support service is a type of care where a person supported chooses to join and live in the home of a trained caregiver who is a not family member. The person supported is integrated with the new family and becomes a member of the caregiver’s household. Prior to placement of a person in a family model residential home, the provider must complete a DIDD-compliant home study and the DIDD Family Model Residential Supports Initial Site Survey to ensure that the home meets the person’s needs and that the family and person are compatible and well-matched.

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